About Peshawar

Peshawar, which is the capital city of Khyber Pakhtounkhwa, is considered to be among the oldest living cities in south Asia. Situated at the entrance of the famous Khyber Pass, it has always been the doorway to Central Asia, be it trade, people, investment or even invasions.

Situated in a small valley, the city us surrounded on the south by the river Bara, on the north by river Budhni, a subsidiary of the Kabul River, and on the west by the Khyber Hills.

Peshawar has seen several changes throughout the history. Behind its every reuse and fall there is a story of the peoples that entered it through the western gates in the hopes of finding a new life in this welcoming valley.


RMI has its own guest house (SERAI) which caters for night stay for those accompanying the patients, providing basic facilities.

Beside our "SERAI" there are a number of guest houses in close vicinity of the hospital which provide decent rooms and food. The hospital assists those seeking accommodation in these guest houses by facilitating bookings, discounts and transportation.