Breast Surgery

RMI is dedicated to providing high level care to our patients. We are constantly trying to bring new services to RMI Peshawar. Continuing the same tradition, RMI now offers all kinds of Breast surgery (Breast cancer and cosmetic) by our new Breast Surgeon who has completed all his training in the UK in the field of Breast Surgery. A brand new Breast Unit in the RMI General Hospital will provide all the necessary investigations and treatment under one roof. All the treatments offered are research based and according to International guidelines.


Among breast cancer surgeries, RMI Breast Unit also offers Breast Conservation Surgery where only the cancer is surgically removed without removing the whole breast. For patients who need to have their whole breast removed (Mastectomy), we also offer breast reconstruction. The aim of the reconstruction is to surgically create a new breast which is a great psychological boost for breast cancer patients and improves body image immensely. Patients can choose to have breast reconstruction either immediately at the time of their first cancer operation or even years later.


Along with various types of breast cancer surgeries and reconstruction, RMI Breast Unit also offers procedures of cosmetic nature.

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