The following services have provided by library to all readers.

Inquiry and Advisory Services

  • Staff is available for advice on all aspects of library use. They answer general and specific questions on all educational topics and related subjects to provide help to library users in literature exploration from resources available in print and other media.

Circulation Services

  • Circulation is the main task of the library, in which books are issued/ returned as per lending policy. Library staff is readily available at circulation counter.

Orientation Programme

  • In order to facilitate the students with the library's services, procedures and resources, an orientation programme has conducted at the beginning of first semester of each discipline.
  • Students are informed about the library's resources, how they can effectively use these resources.
  • Students are also taught about the use of online catalogue, including hands-on practice on how to search the online catalogue.
  • They are also informed with the library rules and regulations.
  • Demonstrations on accessing electronic resources are arranged time to time for all in the IT resource center including individual sessions.

New Arrivals and Contents Alert Services

  • Lists of new books and tables of contents of new journals received in the library are electronically shared to all faculty members and they can search also on their online user’s page through library software.

Photocopying Services

  • Library materials can be borrowed for photocopying.
  • Photocopy service is available in the library and in bookshop on a payment basis. However, a complete book is not allowed to be photocopied, as per copyright regulations.
  • Print of a Journal's article can be acquired, if full text is available online. However, the library will charge for this service.

Reference and Customer Service (Document Delivery Service)

  • The library has providing the document delivery services for its members via email.
  • The reference services are provided based on available entire/ online data.

Internet and Intranet Services

  • The library has shared data electronically to all members inside the RMI premises.

Serial Services

  • The library has subscribed international and national journals in the field of health sciences and maintains their back issues. The serial collection is housed in library where reading and browsing facilities are provided.
  • The library has computerized these serials, which includes the serial holdings.  Library has also provided online journal articles services on demand.

E-library Services

  •  Library has provided e-library services to users regarding CD/DVDs. A vast collection is available in library and users can use inside the library only.

Lending Services

  • Library circulation comprises the activities around the lending of library books and other material to users. A circulation or lending is one of the key task of a library.

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) Services


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