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BDS curriculum is built on an indigenous design based on PM&DC guidelines that shall produce a competent and confident graduate who shall serve the community needs.

The curriculum aims at fulfilling the obligations of Professionalism and Ethics by application of knowledge and skill. The focus of the program is to produce competent doctors who shall be able to deal with common clinical conditions, all emergency and life-saving situations and uncommon conditions that have significant impact.

A rigorous internal assessment program enables evaluation of student content retention and workplace competence by testing knowledge, attitudes, skills and comprehension. Authentic record keeping by the

Department of Dental Education (DDE) and the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) provides realistic performance evaluation.

The Phantom Head Laboratory and Clinical Skills Center trains students from year 1 onwards for effective and humane patient encounters utilizing customized models, mannequins, simulated patients and other training materials. Such training meets ethical requirements of patient safety in the hospital wards by eliminating interaction of patients with novice/naive dental students.

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