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Nurses have practiced throughout the ages to meet health needs for those who suffer, who are helpless, and who need care. The practice of nursing continues to advance and meet the health care needs of our society. In the beginning of the 21st Century and thereafter, we will see a greater need in the care for elders, for the protection and support of infants, women and children, and for the growing health care needs of our diverse communities. Nursing is the one profession that weaves together assessment and care for all people in the management of their health and illness.

This is an exciting and interesting time to be in nursing. The critical shortage of both practitioners and educators is leading to multiple options for those interested in the profession. Jobs are available nationwide in a wide range of settings, with handsome salaries, and with unlimited opportunities for professional growth.

At RCN, we prepare students who will become leaders in the profession and contribute to the advancement of health care and the profession itself. Our commitment is to provide our graduates with the knowledge, skills and sensitivity learned and practiced through studies in becoming a professional nurse.




Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rehman
Rehman Medical Institute

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