Graduate Learning Outcomes – MBBS Program
Graduate Learning Outcomes – MBBS Program

Graduate Learning Outcomes – MBBS Program (Developed in line with PM&DC guidelines and college mission statement) (Curriculum Development Policy – Annex 01)


Knowledge, Skill & Affect Based

  1. The students by the end of the MBBS program would have achieved the cognitive, psychomotor and behavioural competencies required for patient-centered care and expected of the general practitioner as per university & PM&DC guidelines.
  2. The graduate would have an in depth understanding of the basic and clinical science subjects required for practicing as general physician.
  3. The students would have acquired proficiency in taking focused clinical history, physical examination, rational justification for appropriate provisional diagnosis, generation of appropriate and desired laboratory investigation.

Skill Based

  1. The student would have the proficiency for carrying procedures as per curriculum prescription and expected of a medical graduate in general practice, e.g., injections (I/M, I/V, S/C, I/D), managing infusion lines and blood transfusion; providing first aid, basic life support (including cardiopulmonary resuscitation), nebulizers, wound care and dressings; monitoring oxygen saturation and oxygen therapy; taking swabs and Pap smears; recording ECG; performing peak flow spirometry, glucometer blood sugar testing, Proctoscopy, urinary catheterization, dipstick urinanalysis, and simple skin suturing etc.

Knowledge, Skill & Affect Based

  1. The students would have exhibited the ability to formulate management plans for patients such as diagnosing and managing common health problems, cost effectiveness of patient treatment, patient safety, tending to special needs / concerns of patient, understanding best evidence practices for patient care all while working within the limits of own competencies.
  2. The students would have acquisition of skills like, advising, counselling and educating patients.

Affect (Ethics, Professionalism)

  1. Students would have understood the concepts of equity, equality and fair distribution of resources in community.
  2. The students would have understood importance of communication skills, leadership, management of time, prioritizing tasks given and doctor & patient safety.
  3. The students would have understood the principles of good medical practice.
  4. The students would have understood and undertaken the importance of research in clinical medicine.         

Knowledge, Skill, Affect  

   11.The students would have adequate knowledge about the importance and role of professionalism, ethics and lifelong learning.

  1. The graduate has undergone the concerned summative & formative internal / external assessment for knowledge, skill and affect domains of learning.
  2. The Graduate show understanding of the desired behaviours required of a medical professional. The internal assessment of the graduate has dedicated marks for conduct & behaviours allotted by the respective HOD.


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