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10 Oct, 2005

Earthquake Relief Mission – Balakot

Rehman Medical Institute (RMI) dispatched a Relief Mission to the devastated area of Balakot in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, on October 10, 2005. This area was one of the worst hit of the region after Muzzaffarabad, Kashmir. The mission comprised of a total of 20 volunteers which included doctors, nurses, paramedical and other support staff, and stayed in the area for a week. A camp was established in the early hours of October 11, 2005 adjacent to Balakot and immediately commenced medical and relief aid to the victims of the earth quake.

Nearly 1,075 patients were attended to in the camp during the week. Injuries sustained ranged from Bruises to Infected and Lacerated Wounds as well as Compound, and Comminute Fractures. Patients with Amputated Limbs were provided First Aid and sent to Regional Hospitals. Each patient was provided with a blanket, warm clothing and dry ration as well as cooked food. Arrangements were made locally for provision of food items for an indefinite number of people through the camp. Tents and other Shelter Equipments were also distributed amongst the effected. Replenishment of the stocks was sent as and when required from RMI in Peshawar, thereby providing six truckloads of relief during the week.

In addition six missions from the RMI camp were sent to the badly effected mountainous Northwest and Northeast areas of Balakot, which were located at a walking distance of 5-6 hours and accessible only after an uphill climb in the mountainous areas. This area had not until then been approached by any relief organisation. House to house calls were made and many patients were attended to on each trip, since it was impossible for the injured to be transported by foot to the base camp. Items of food and shelter were also transported by mules with the support of the Pakistan Army personnel.

The RMI mission remained in close liaison with foreign missions from China, UAE, France and Germany camped in the area and the RMI team was invited to participate in the daily evening briefings for dissemination of information and discussions. The positive contribution made by RMI team was very well received by the International Agencies including members of the World Health Organization. The team also established a close working relationship with the Pakistan Army to facilitate the transportation of relief goods to those devastated areas which were otherwise not accessible to the RMI team. RMI’s mission of service to humanity will continue to receive top priority.

The Management of RMI would like to reiterate the fact that the Institute takes pride in all of its employees, especially the volunteers of the Earthquake Relief Mission and those who supported them from the Institute. Your eager and enthusiastic efforts shall be remembered and are expected to continue.