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Prospective Students

Categories of Applicants

Potential candidates are categorized in two groups:

1. Pakistani Nationals

Applicants who have studied (HSSC, SSC or other curriculum system) in Pakistan and holding Pakistani (CNIC / Form-B)

2. Expatriate Pakistanis /Foreign Nationals

Pakistani nationals living and having studied in a foreign country having Pakistani Origin Card or Pakistani passport / Foreign nationals holding foreign country passport including dual nationality

Eligibility Criteria

1.     Pakistani Nationals

a. Applicant must have passed HSSC (premedical Group) with at least 60% marks.

b. Candidates who have taken their O-level/Alevel exams, an equivalence certificate from

the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) Islamabad or regional Offices must be submitted with the application form.

c. Candidates having recent scores of ETEA or any Provincial Testing Authority.

2.     Expatriate Pakistani/Foreign Nationals

a. Candidates must possess an Equivalence Certificate of academic qualifications issued by IBCC Islamabad.

b. In accordance with the PMDC rules, candidates with qualifications other than those from the Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan are eligible to apply, provided they have passed three Science subjects in which Biology & Chemistry are essential. Such candidates must possess the following:-

i. SAT II Examination score with a minimum of 550 marks (each subject), in lieu of the Entry Test.

ii. Valid TOEFL or ILETS with a score of 500 or 5.5, respectively if the medium of instruction in the last two years has not been English.

iii. Equivalence from IBCC (Website:; This equivalence should state that the candidate’s achievement is equivalent to a Higher Secondary School (F.Sc. Pre-Medical) qualification in Pakistan.

For further details please visit PMDC


3. The equivalence certificate of such a candidate will not be accepted if he/she has not studied the subjects of Physics, Biology and Chemistry in the eleventh and twelfth grades.

4. Admission will be merit based. The merit includes Matric, F.Sc. (pre-medical) examination/equivalence results, Result of ETEA or any Provincial Authority Entrance Test and RMC Aptitude Test & Interview.

5. The eligible applicants from all over Pakistan and foreign countries should apply for admission under relevant categories (refer to Categories of Applicants).

6. Incorrect information or suppression of facts in the application form shall entail refusal or cancellation of admission.

7. Candidates selected for admission shall be required to complete the admission requirements within the prescribed period failing which right of admission will be given to the next applicant on the waiting list.

8. No candidate will be considered to have been admitted unless he/she has paid all the fees and dues by the specified date.

9. Failing to attend the classes for two consecutive weeks without genuine reason shall entail cancellation of admission.

10. A student convicted of any criminal offence and/ or having served a sentence in jail for the same will not be eligible for admission. Onus of responsibility of non-declaration of such conviction shall lie with the applicant or the admitted student.

11. The management committee shall be the final authority to accord approval to the admissions and decide appeals by the contending candidates who could not be recommended for admission by the Admission committee.