College of Rehabilitation Sciences


Introduction RMI-CRS

The aim of the Rehman Medical Institute- College of rehabilitation Sciences (RMI-CRS) is to educate professionally safe, competent, reflective and analytical physiotherapists who possess a sound scientific knowledgebase, an understanding of the value of research and analysis, are responsive to the needs of clients and careers and are aware of the dynamic diversity of health care environments in which they practice. Rehman Medical Institute-College of Rehabilitation Sciences (RMI-CRS) is located in Hayatabad, Peshawar, Pakistan. RMI-CRS was established in 2012.

Physical therapy

Physiotherapy is a science based healthcare profession which primarily adopts a physical approach aimed at the promotion, maintenance and restoration of the individual’s physical, psychological and social well-being. Physiotherapists have an important role to play in the healthcare of people of all ages who have lost movement or ability following an accident or illness. Using skills in manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, movement and electrotherapy, physiotherapists aim to assist people to resume as active and independent a life as possible.

Professional Recognition

Graduates of physical therapy programme of RMI-CRS will receive the award of DPT physical therapy from Khyber Medical University (KMU) 

Scope of Physical therapy

Physiotherapists work in a range of healthcare settings including hospitals, health centers, nursing homes, schools and industry and in many specialty areas such as Orthopedics, pediatrics, care of the elderly, neurology, chest medicine and sports medicine. Rehman Medical Institute- College of Rehabilitation Sciences (RMI-CRS) offers a five year Doctor of Physical therapy (DPT) Programme to applicants with a primary degree. After getting DPT degree he/she may be able to practice independently or to take admission in MS physiotherapy or MPhil in case of further study leading to Ph.D


  • Quality Education
  • Research oriented study
  • Qualified Faculty
  • multicultural environment
  • Excellent Learning Environment
  • Modern technologies
  • IT education
  • Modern teaching methodologies