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Our cross-cultural environment, state-of-the-art treatments and high quality healthcare at affordable cost are some of the many reasons why numerous patients from across the world choose to come to RMI for some of the most complex treatments


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Making a difference


Stroke medicine

1st tertiary care hospital in KP to start thrombolysis in hyper- acute stroke.

Vitamins and supplements

The General Physicians at RMI suggest that supplements should only be consumed if an individual's diet is not balanced or suffering from a medical condition.

Stroke patient recovery

RMI is first tertiary care hospital in KP to start thrombolysis in hyper- acute stroke and by the mercy of Allah patients receiving this treatment are recovering within hours.
Understanding Migraine & Neurological Disorders

Understanding Migraine & Neurological Disorders

The human brain is one of the most complex structures known to man.

Popular opinion is that even with years of study and research and now, with the help of modern imaging, doctors and scientists have only succeeded in decoding 5-10% of this organ. But the fact that our brains contain the entirety of who we are is not far from the truth.

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